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Kopi Luwak – The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

While traipsing around Bali last year during my “Bali Birthday” adventure one of our outings led us on a journey to a farm that produced the Kopi luwak.. This coffee gained notoriety after being featured in The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2003 and the myth of its all-natural origins was propagated in a Jack Nicholson–Morgan Freeman scene in the 2007 film The Bucket List.

Kopi luwak (“coffee” in Indonesian, “luwak” from the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi, which are part of the Indonesian Archepelago’s 13,677 islands (only 6,000 of which are inhabited), or civet coffee, can sell for $75 per quarter pound. But it’s not strictly the exotic location that makes these beans worth their weight in silver. It’s how they’re “processed.”

Kopi luwak or civet coffee, refers to the seeds of coffee berries once they have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) in Sumatra.  Palm civets feed on berries and pulpy fruits such as figs and palms.  They also eat small vertebrates, insects, ripe fruits and seeds.  On farms, civets are either caged or allowed to roam within defined boundaries.

(I was a little scared to get too close to it hence the far away (terribly displaced) photo of it.)

As folklore has it, kopi luwak in Indonesian, was discovered by plantation workers in colonized Indonesia.  Forbidden from consuming coffee beans picked from the plants, they picked up, cleaned and then roasted the beans excreted by wild Asian palm civets that entered the plantations to eat the ripest coffee cherries. The civets’ digestive systems gave kopi luwak a uniquely rich aroma and smooth, rounded flavor — so much so that the Dutch plantation owners soon became die-hard fans.

(Awww look at us….it was quite humid out that day and I didn’t feel all that great – the day AFTER my birthday no less.)

What started as, presumably, a way for the natives to get coffee without climbing the trees has since evolved into the world’s priciest specialty coffee.

Honestly I can’t even take credit for this experience as it was the desire of my friend in the pic with me above who had this as a must-see during our Bali adventure!!!  I’m glad we did though.

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Puerto Rico (Remixed)

IMG-20120404-00325 PUERTO RICO!!!

Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is a United States territory located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic, and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

One of my favorite stress free cities to visit.  Rich in history, culture, flavor, sights and sounds.  I’ve been to this lovely slice of heaven I’m guessing 4 times (2 of which were with my offspring with the first time being atleast 12 years ago with my immediate family).

This is my Puerto Rico “Remix” showcasing one of my adventures with my offspring (a.k.a the teenagers).

Just so happens this was their Spring Break so it was less about me and more all about them lol!  I chose Puerto Rico because it was a quick getaway with some familiarity and most importantly LA PLAYA!!!  By now I think most know that I am all about a beach and I don’t care much about where said beach is located.  This adventure was so low-key it was by far one of the most relaxing trips I’ve taken since I had absolutely no plans for my days.

My days were pretty much all leisure, no pressure, no stress. Just waking, lounging, eating, some exploring, shopping, drinking, happy hour in the hotel, and people watching.  There was one moment while shopping where an elderly lady needed to get across the street and I escorted her while waiting on my girlfriend who was busy in one of the stores.  Thinking back I’m not sure where this lady came frome….almost like she was a ghost (*home alone face*).

Although this was a repeat destination, I admit even now there are still many parts I’ve yet to discover.  This means of course that a return trip is in store at some point.

Puerto Rico would make for a great girls trip, family trip, solo adventure, relaxacation, couples adventure and pretty much any other reason one can come up with to visit Puerto Rico!

So what are YOU waiting for?

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Voyage to South Africa

Image result for south africa quotesTalk about making something happen.  I was literally fresh from my “European Adventure” when the opportunity presented itself to not just got South Africa but do so in the name of missionary work.  It was a longtime desire of mine to at some point make my way on some missionary journey to some distant part of this massive world.

Of course I had to right-size everything else to make this adventure come to fruition and so it did.

Johannesburg.  Jo’burg.

The site of missionary work, the first part of this amazing trip was that of service.

With a church based out of New York, I began my “Voyage to South Africa” with the our stop in Johannesburg where we worked at a primary school in the township of Pretoria (which made international news most recently due to the trial of olympian Oscar Pistorius).  In any case, the work consisted mostly of painting, building repairs, gardening, and anything else we could do to contribute to the beautification of the school.  The faces and gratitude of the women (and young women) who greeted us and partnered with us as we toiled away while on the grounds was enough to warm even the coldest heart.


Upon arrival to Capetown it was determined that my checked luggage did not make the flight and was at best “M-I-A” which was one of the most helpless feelings in the world.  Not only was it a connecting flight – in country – but we were only scheduled to be in Capetown for a few days and my final destination was NOT JFK but Atlanta which would have added an extra layer of complexity to locating and returning my luggage.

As usual, things did work out but only after I’d caught a taxi to run to the nearest drugstore for toiletries just to tie me over.  For the Capetown experience………

What’s a visit to Capetown without checking out Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Robben Island, Green Market to name a few all of which we were able to experience.

All in all it was a memorable trip, but one stamp in my passport I must get again to truly experience all the sights and sounds of this beautiful country!

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Caipirinha (Brazil’s National Cocktail)

Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, made with  cachaça, sugar and lime.  Cachaça is Brazil’s most common distilled alcoholic beverage.

  caipirinha cocktail

Main alcohol: Cachaça

Ingredients: Half a lime cut into 4 wedges, 2 Teaspoons brown sugar, 1 2/3 oz Cachaça

Preparation: Place lime and sugar into old fashioned glass and muddle (mash the two ingredients together using a muddler or a wooden spoon). Fill the glass with crushed ice and add the Cachaça.

Served: On the rocks; poured over ice

Standard garnish: Lime, Sugar cane

Drinkware: Old Fashioned glass

Bebam com moderação!

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A Wanderlust Inspired

There are 195 countries in the world today (Taiwan is not widely recognized as one – been there and didn’t know that until just now) and I want to get lost in as many of them as possible.

My adventures thus far have taken me to quite a few world handsplaces (5 of the 7 continents to be exact) but there are some I am itching to get to in the notso distant future (and will).

Soooooo in the interest of sharing – after all sharing IS caring – here is my current “Godivaworld Wanderlist” in no particular order, not all-inclusive, and subject to change.

  • Easter Island (Chile)
  • Fraser Island – Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne (Australia)
  • Havana (Cuba)
  • Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Tangier (Morocco)
  • Côte d’Azur (France)
  • Santorini (Greece) – was thinking of going in 2014 for my birthday but given January was not the best in terms of weather I chose Bali instead
  • Zanzibar (Tanzania)
  • Isle of Capri (Italy)
  • Madagascar (waaaay before the 3D animated movie, back when I was in elementary school I did a paper on the Lemur and since that time I’ve had Madagascar on my “to see” list)
  • Great Wall of China (China)
  • Phuket (Thailand)
  • Taj Mahal – Agra (India)
  • Abu Simbel (Egypt)

go there

The when and the where much like my adventures are unknown but rest assured my feet will land somewhere!  Where will you go?

My Continent Badges:


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