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A Cote d’Azur Birthday

Greetings from Monaco on this January 9th at 10 something in the a.m…..which is also the best day of all 366 days this year (leap year this year) because IT’S MY BIRTHDAY 🎉🎁👯💃🏿🎶!!

I don’t think the weather Gods got the memo because it’s a lil overcast with a taste of drizzle here in Monaco!

Birthday morning
I can’t begin to tell you how at peace I am as I enter this new year of 42 of my life (my birthday AND 2016)!  It’s truly an internal peace that comes from knowing I control my own destiny; I don’t require the approval of anyone else for my choices and decisions; I am perfectly fine in the skin I’m in; the opinions of others of me is none of my business and therefore I focus on LIVING fully every single day for myself in order to ensure I have lived my BEST life.

This “Journey to my birthday” has been all about self, unabashedly selfish, solely about my needs, wants, and desires mentally, visually and spiritually. 

I visualized this journey a few months ago but without specifics and as the power of mind goes that which we think and truly visualize will materialize (good, bad, and otherwise).

As much as I enjoy traveling with and creating moments/memories with others I needed to do this with no disruptions nor interferences.  So it was designed as my solo getaway to reset, detox, and be all about self.   
There was little communication and not a single invitation extended (although a dear friend of mine invited themselves lol but totally understood and respected my vision…more on that in a later post).  I’m glad I made the decision to be one with myself on this voyage to 42!

As I wrap up this journey here in the French Riviera I will leave with a continued sense of gratitude for all things, moments and experiences; with a continued zest to explore every nook and cranny of this great big world; with a passion to continue to be the best me I can possibly be while hopefully inspiring others to do the same!

For you I say get out of your own way and go for what you want, live your best life and strive to do something that scares you even a little bit for it will be the catalyst to enable you to experience things you’ve only dreamed!


Steps of Cannes Film Festival
Hellllloooooo 42 and Happy 2016 to all of you!

~ Godivaworldtravels

cote d'azur




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My European Adventure

It’s not enough that I was fortunate enough to go to high school in Germany (Mannheim to be exact) but revisiting Europe as an adult to include my old high school was EVERYTHING!  The opportunity presented itself for me to return to Europe with stops in Paris, Munich, and the final hurrah in Amsterdam.

Paris…….”La Ville Lumière” (The City of Light) and otherwise revered as the “City of Love”.  It was a short trip in what would be a 7 day adventure but  no less exciting.  I took the lifts up to the tippy top floor of the Eiffel Tower which provided the ultimate view of the landscape.  Paris truly looks like a postcard from every angle or at best like pages cleanly torn straight from an artist canvas.

Munich…….Oktoberfest! Reminiscent of my teenage years at the various Fests in and around Mannheim where I had the fortune of living during my teen years.  However (with a long pause and tilt of head), being at Oktoberfest as an full grown adult was an experience to be had and should be had atleast once in one’s lifetime! Sitting here writing this got me thinking about revisiting.

The Munich leg of the trip was great not just because of Oktoberfest but largely in part for the opportunity to make a stop in Mannheim to see how much things had changed since leaving my high school.  It was like turning back the hands of time with the exception of a few differences.  Unbeknownst to me (at the time), the base itself was shutting down just a few years after my visit (sometime in 2014 I believe) which made it that much more special to have made the voyage back before there was nothing to go back to.

Amsterdam……..Finally as the last stop on this adventure train which was a great end to a memorable trip.  The highlight of this final destination of the 3-parter was whatever crossed my path.  The only planned event was – believe it or not – seeing Lil Wayne in concert lol!  Amsterdam was everything you’d imagine it to be – sights, sounds, the Red Light district, food, arts, architecture, and so on and so forth!  It is definitely a place I would visit again.

Travel Well!