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Falling Down (My Skydiving Adventure)

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~Helen Keller

When I tell you these past couple years have been full of adventures, both the traveling, exploring, and living on the edge kind.  From my long awaited trip to Bali for my birthday last year which included me partaking in Fly Fish (The ultimate in speed and exhilaration the Flying Fish is the newest water sports toy on the market! Fly Fish is a great adventure where you fly like fish jumping on the seawater with high speed boat); to parasailing in Mexico last October; followed by Ziplining in Barbados this past March.

Even after all that I just needed to quench my thrill seeking thirst by adding to the list – SKYDIVING!!!

Look, its the plane as I soar below it through the sky
Look, it’s the plane as I soar below it through the sky

I feel the need to endanger myself every so often. ~ Tim Daly

When the people look like ants — pull,
When the ants look like people — pray.
~Author Unknown

I have been wanting to go skydiving for as long as I can remember…..nearly as long as I’ve been talking about and wanting to swim with the sharks <–don’t ask me WHY lol!  That shark thing though….it’s gonna happen it’s just a matter of time.  Anyhow, where was I…..skydiving yeah so it was the week I returned from Playa del Carmen and still high from parasailing when lo and behold Living Social had a deal for Tandem Skydives at a local skydiving center. I didn’t know when nor what but I knew I had to have it so I purchased it and filed it away.

If you don’t take risks, you’ll have a wasted soul. ~Drew Barrymore

Soooooo, as is typical in life, life happened and my skydiving voucher sat untouched and nearly forgotten.  I went on a Caribbean adventure that included Ziplining in Barbados.  As exciting and exhilarating as this was, it merely made me want to skydive even more.

Whelp the universe must’ve heard my [silent] cries because up pops a birthday event for a classmate who was planning to go Skydiving and it was at the same place my voucher was for – ahhhhhhhhhh <—the sounds made when the heavens give favor (atleast in my head).  So the adventure begins.

Ready to DO THIS!!! Enter at your own risk lol!
Ready to DO THIS!!! Enter at your own risk lol!

I made the hour or so trek to a lil place called Cedartown where Skydive Georgia is located and met up with my classmate and her group.

Then we waited.

Followed by more waiting and redbull #2.

Then storm clouds came through resulting in us waiting some more until finally it seemed as though we were just about ready and so we we suited up and headed over to where we would meet the plane.

Just when we thought it was time…….we get word that there was another weather system coming through and this time we would be delayed for upwards of an hour and a half.  I arrived at 1030 a.m… is now approximately 5ish or so – just giving you a little perspective on how the day progressed.  Needless to say we were getting quite restless at this point and just about ready to just say “can we reschedule” but we hung in there and made the most of our new wait time.

You swallow hard, thinking to yourself, ’It must be all right, thousands of people have done it before.’ Then… ’But this time it’s me — that’s the difference!’ ~Charles Shea-Simonds, Sport Parachuting, 1971

After what felt like an eternity, the rain stopped and the clouds moved on to the next city and once again we were given the “get suited” light.  We were after all the final group of the day and losing the adrenaline quick as the day progressed and the delays occurred.  Alas, it was time and so we were refitted in our harnesses prepared our final will and testament….well not really but maybe silently.

Let the falling begin………

…….and now live and in living color……my first skydiving adventure!


Live life and NEVER let fear be a factor!!  Life begins on the other side of your comfort zone so get out there and do something, ANYTHING!

– Godivaworld Travels


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