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What’s in a name in St. Lucia

A few months ago during an “Island Hopping Milestone Birthday celebration” for a good friend of mine, we stopped on the beautiful island St. Lucia.   The extent of our shenanigans and comedy show-worthy antics needed to be televised because it was a day of never-ending laughs.

Upon arrival, St. Lucia was less than desirable in terms of the weather as it was a raining overcast of a day.  Nonetheless we REFUUUUUUUSED to allow a lil ol bit of rain to put a damper on our day.  So off we went to explore.

imageFor whatever reason during the entire 7 days of this adventure, my friend (who-shall-remain-nameless) was on a constant search to satisfy his Issey Myake addiction (smh remembering the adventures in search of a new fragrance for his collection).  It is because of this crazed obsession with finding a new and under discovered fragrance that we stumbled upon this little fragrance boutique where the “What’s in a Name” was born.

Picture this:  My friend Norm and I entered this fragrance boutique whilst the rain is just-a coming down around us.  While I’m securing the umbrella by the door Norm approaches the counter for a close-up of the offerings.  After being asked if he needed assistance in the most melodic of island tones from a lil lady that could be your favorite aunt, I approached his side bringing my very own pleasantries and bubbly demeanor.  I say, “hello” and she says “hi” back while reiterating that if we need any assistance let her know and btw her name is “Lorna” followed by, “and what is your name” while looking into my face.  Well we are too thrilled to introduce ourselves as we love meeting new people.  So Norm says his name and I follow with my own.  <—This is where the comedy begins.

Still bubbly and grinning just because, I am now having an internal debate with my good self and my nicenasty self and here’s why.

Now I realize that “Anitrice” is a pretty unique name and at this particularageinmylife I am not only numb but accustomed to mispronunciations, odd looks, and questions of its origin.  I’m sure you’re probably sounding it out in your head as you read this (well let me help you, it’s pronounced “Uh-Knee-tris”, not Anna-treece nor Anti-rice nor Antrice which by the way are THE most popular pronunciations).

Well now, Ms. Lorna took it a step further and says, “well that’s an ODD name, what kinda name is that” with a straight unapologetic look on her face.   Me: *Blank stare* followed by a face off with Norm to help me with a comeback and save me from myself and/or the equally rude comment in kind that was bubbling up to the surface.

It is all quite a blur as I think back on this because I’ve never been told my name was “ODD” accompanied with the look of disgust Ms. Lorna exhibited.  Now unique and different are common adjectives used which is usually followed by “how pretty” but “Odd” with a look ummmmmm no never had that.  I believe that I politely replied with “well wow, I’ve not heard anyone call it odd but ok, nice to meet you Ms. Lorna” and made my way to the door until Norm completed his window shopping.  Another *blank stare* as I type this.

In conclusion, with the rain and Ms. Lorna’s comment, St. Lucia will forever be remembered as the island with the lady who said my name was “odd” as if it were 13 consonants and no vowels.

On the brighter side, by the time our St. Lucia adventure was over, the rain made an appearance while overshadowing Ms. Lorna’s comment and so our shenanigans continued marking this a memorable stop in our island adventures.

~ Travel Well ~


4 thoughts on “What’s in a name in St. Lucia”

  1. So funny and one place you will never forget. I can only imagine how your name has been mutilated by many but you are right… odd… is not a compliment. I guess she probably won’t forget you either! You have such a good attitude to go out and enjoy despite the rain. Many would sink into the covers and lament the rain on a beach holiday. Good for you. 🙂

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    1. I just love you so much for always supporting my travel tales lol! Yes darling my name brings laughs and random conversations. I will NEVER think of St. Lucia without thinking about Ms. Lorna! The rain was disappointing but it was a MUST that I ventured out even in the rain…..until my Lorna encounter LOL!!!! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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