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A Wanderlust Past

Did you know that by convention there are seven continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Antarctica. Some geographers list only six continents, combining Europe and Asia into Eurasia. In parts of the world, students learn that there are just five continents: Eurasia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica, and the Americas.

So where exactly have I been you ask?

FK20 Fort Taylor Signs Plenty o’ places!

Born in Jacksonville, FL but moved out of state after kindergarten as my dad was in the Army and whisked us away. So you pretty much know how my life went from there (as a military brat that is).  Before I graduated high school I called the following locales home (for a year or 2, and a couples times for 3 years i.e. Hawaii and Mannheim):

Columbus, GA (2x); Honolulu, HI; Charlotte, NC; Colorado Springs, CO; Mannheim, Germany 

After graduating High School I went straight into the Air Force…..but before you say “ahhhh that’s how she traveled to all these places” let me say I was only unlucky enough to see Texas the 3.5 years I served before separating and moving to Atlanta lol!

So I guess you can say my adult “exploration” dates back to the early 2000s and since then my travel stats have continuously evolved to include:

  • Continents – 5 of the 7 Continents
  • World Heritage Sites – 8
  • Cities – 152
  • Countries – 14 (some twice or more)
  • A mere 9% of the world traveled
  • 181,284 total miles traveled (not my flier miles as that is actually much more)

So again you ask, where has Godivaworld Travels been?  Well according to my passport, flight history, and car miles my wanderlust past looks like this:

  • Asia – Tokyo (Japan), Taiwan, Bali (Indonesia)
  • Africa – Johannesburg, Pretoria, Capetown (South Africa)
  • Europe – Mannheim (lived 3 yrs, returned in 2010), Berlin, Heidelberg, Frankfurt, Munich (Germany); Paris (2x France); Amsterdam (2x Holland)
  • The Americas (North & South America, the Caribbean Islands and Mexico (I’ve covered 37 of the 50 states)

I am always but a Google, TripAdvisor, search away from my next adventure.

Now that you’ve seen my wanderlust past…..check out my Wanderlust Future and perhaps it will give you some ideas about where YOUR next adventure should be.

~ Travel Well ~



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