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Puerto Rico (Remixed)

IMG-20120404-00325 PUERTO RICO!!!

Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is a United States territory located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic, and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

One of my favorite stress free cities to visit.  Rich in history, culture, flavor, sights and sounds.  I’ve been to this lovely slice of heaven I’m guessing 4 times (2 of which were with my offspring with the first time being atleast 12 years ago with my immediate family).

This is my Puerto Rico “Remix” showcasing one of my adventures with my offspring (a.k.a the teenagers).

Just so happens this was their Spring Break so it was less about me and more all about them lol!  I chose Puerto Rico because it was a quick getaway with some familiarity and most importantly LA PLAYA!!!  By now I think most know that I am all about a beach and I don’t care much about where said beach is located.  This adventure was so low-key it was by far one of the most relaxing trips I’ve taken since I had absolutely no plans for my days.

My days were pretty much all leisure, no pressure, no stress. Just waking, lounging, eating, some exploring, shopping, drinking, happy hour in the hotel, and people watching.  There was one moment while shopping where an elderly lady needed to get across the street and I escorted her while waiting on my girlfriend who was busy in one of the stores.  Thinking back I’m not sure where this lady came frome….almost like she was a ghost (*home alone face*).

Although this was a repeat destination, I admit even now there are still many parts I’ve yet to discover.  This means of course that a return trip is in store at some point.

Puerto Rico would make for a great girls trip, family trip, solo adventure, relaxacation, couples adventure and pretty much any other reason one can come up with to visit Puerto Rico!

So what are YOU waiting for?

~ Travel Well ~



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